Does a phone contract improve your credit rating?

Does a phone contract improve your credit rating?

If you’re looking to improve your credit rating, there are a few ways to do this. 

But the easiest?

Phone contracts. 

To be specific a Boshhh mobile SIM from the credit building network!

Signing up for a fixed payment plan shows you can budget your money, make payments on time, and be responsible with your financial decisions. 

Today, we’ll run through the power of a phone contract and how Boshhh can help you. 

What is a phone contract?

Mobile phone contracts allow you to split up the cost of a phone (and your chosen plan) into monthly payments over a fixed period (usually around two years). 

What is a Boshhh Mobile SIM contract?

Boshhh Mobile is the world's first mobile SIM network that's designed to increase your credit score while providing unbeatable network coverage. 

What credit score do you need for a phone contract? 

There’s no minimum credit score to be eligible for a mobile phone contract. 

However, some providers look at your credit report before deciding on accepting you as a customer, and a higher score ultimately means you’re more likely to secure a phone contract. 

How a phone contract improves your credit score 

While other factors like credit card repayments are looked at more closely, mobile phone contract payments play a part in your credit score. 

Paying for a phone in monthly instalments is the perfect choice if you can budget your money throughout the month to pay for the plan.   

It puts you on the credit map and shows you’re financially responsible. Consistently meeting these monthly payments can positively impact your credit history, demonstrating to lenders that you are capable of managing regular payments effectively. 

This can be particularly beneficial for individuals looking to build or improve their credit score, as it provides a track record of timely payments.    

What happens if you miss smartphone payments?

Missing a smartphone contract payment often leads to a contract being cancelled - depending on the network and loan provider. But it can also have a huge impact on your credit score, and not just at the time of the missed payment. 

It can also affect your long-term rating, preventing you from getting a mortgage and other types of loans later down the line. 

A one-off late payment does have the power to bring your credit score down, but the more you miss, the lower it will go.    


Does upgrading your phone affect your credit score?

Upgrading your phone to a newer make or model can change your credit score - especially if there’s a change in cost. 

But if you make every payment on time and don’t have to dip into your overdraft to afford it, you won’t have anything to worry about. 

What’s the easiest phone contract to get with bad credit?

If you want a mobile network that aims to increase your credit score, provides credit file access, and offers credit tips, you’re in the right place. 

Boshhh is powered by Equifax and EE - the UK’s most reliable network - giving you reliable data, texts, and calls, all while increasing your credit score. 

You don’t have to go through any complicated credit checks - we accept everyone. 

In just four easy steps, you can pick a plan, make your first payment, receive your welcome pack, and sign up with our app to check your score. 

By reporting to our partners and Equifax, watch your credit score skyrocket and enjoy the financial freedom that comes with it. 

Why choose Boshhh?

As a company, we are dedicated to giving financial freedom to as many people as possible. With our SIM cards, you don’t have to worry about credit checks, and with our bespoke plans, you can enjoy the perks of a premium phone network without being restricted by credit stresses. 

View our plans today to learn more and start boosting your credit score!

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