Boshhh have teamed up with EE and Equifax

Boshhh have teamed up with EE and Equifax to provide the UK's top connectivity and credit boosting fuel to your business. Keep your current handsets for a cost effective way to receive great service for your calls, SMS and data.

Boshhh, EE, Equifax & Transunion, building better businesses together.

Whether a new business or one that simply wants to increase its credit worthiness, Boshhh allows you to improve your credit rating without compromising on service.

4 reasons to switch to Boshhh?


Credit-Friendly Plans

Boshhh is the world's first mobile network that's designed to increase your credit score.

We make your SIM card your credit-building superpower

Meaning No more worrying about credit checks or being denied access to the latest devices. Boshhh offers flexible plans tailored to your needs, allowing you to enjoy the perks of a premium phone network without the stress of credit restrictions.


Build Your Credit, Build Your Future

Boshhh is not just about providing exceptional mobile services; it's about helping you build a better financial future. Our unique credit-building program rewards responsible payment habits, positively impacting your credit score over time with live access to your credit report you will receive cool tips on how to improve your score and understand your credit file thanks to our partners at eqifax see your credit score skyrocket as the months fly by.


Seamless Connectivity

Experience the power of a robust network thanks to EE that keeps you connected wherever you go.

Boshhh’s  nationwide coverage ensures that you can stay in touch with loved ones, or plan your next big night out.


Easy and Transparent Billing

No hidden fees or confusing bills. Boshhh believes in transparency and simplicity.

Our billing system is straightforward, making it easy for you to manage your expenses and stay on top of your financial goals.