Our Story

Our Story

Boshhh was developed because I realised how important a credit score is.

From personal experiences and mistakes I have made in the past, I realised how having poor credit affected accessing basic things such as a phone contract or a mortgage. I faced constant rejections from credit agencies, even though I could afford it, poor credit was holding me back. It felt like discrimination - a credit file black marker following you.

Boshhh was created for people like us, advocating for honest individuals with bad credit. Around half of all high-street mobile phone contracts applications are declined, its the same trend for car finance and mortgage applications. An issue we aim to resolve.
We offer a tailored SIM card guaranteeing acceptance on a 12-month contract. Boshhh is also the only mobile network dedicated to boosting your credit score.

Your SIM card is your superpower, supported by the UK's top-rated network EE. We provide financial assistance and give you free access to your Equifax credit file in the Boshhh app, and structured advice.

With 75 fantastic perks, there's no reason to wait. Text 'PAC' to 65075, bring your number, and join us today.

Lewis, Founder